Departmental Solutions

  • Accounts – helping you save money and reduce risk

    Spend less time searching for key financial records.

    Your invoice approval processes will become slicker with customised and automated workflow.

    Reduce time re-keying data into back office systems through integration.

    You can avoid “lost” invoices through electronic logging and automatic allocation for authorisation.

    You will have greater visibility of approvals through an audit log.

    Better meet your regulatory compliance requirements with document controls tailored for your business.

  • Human Resources – enabling easy access to the latest information

    Support your HR professionals with immediate access to current HR policies and HR records.

    You can restrict access to HR files to those authorised.

    Establish workflows and automate notifications to support your HR processes within the business.

    You can easily search and retrieve CVs, interview notes, training certificates and other typical hardcopy documents by scanning them.

    Improve your compliance with regulations and company policies with auditable records management.

  • Distribution – quicker customer delivery

    Improve your warehouse operations and back-office processes with fast access to delivery notes.

    You can respond quickly to customer queries by searching scanned or electronic records.

  • Legal Department – save time and increase compliance

    Organise your files by client, case, or a combination of classifications.

    Search paper contracts and related documents instantaneously by scanning them.

    You can reduce the time it takes to create, negotiate, review, execute, and approve contracts by automating workflows with alerts.

    Set alerts and reminders in line with your policies for contract lifecycle management.

    Improve your records of all contract modifications and approvals with a digital log.

  • Sales Department – better relations

    Improve your relationships with new and current customers by dealing with queries promptly by having instant access to their records.

    Provide your sales teams with scanned paper mail.

    Enable multi-site collaborative working on RFIs, RFPs and other tender documentation when deadlines are tight.

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